We Are, First and Foremost, An Education Firm

We are big believers in giving you all the tools to make the best decisions for your firm.  We've detailed everything in our book, True Course, but also offer in person seminars for your firm.  Below are the most popular seminar offerings. 

How to Actually Save Money on Your Insurance

You specialize in accounting, not insurance. So how do you know that you’re working with an appropriate insurer and broker? We’ve condensed over 25 years of expertise, and factual evidence, into 4 simple questions to narrowing down experienced insurance companies, and 7 warning signs to help you quickly steer away from brokers not specializing in your profession’s specific needs. 

Loss Prevention for Your Emerging Exposures

The most critical professional liability risks to your practice are discussed, including cyber, fraud and missing policy compliance requirements.  Loss prevention tools and strategies are offered to help reduce or transfer the risk.  Claims affecting area CPA firms are reviewed.

Cyber – This Risk Could Shut Your Doors

A discussion regarding your emerging cyber risk.  This includes what might be already covered by insurance, what is likely not covered and how to insure it properly.  Presented are critical steps to build a cyber emergency response plan and how to deal with all the regulations and client fallout.  

Fraud – It’s Not Just an Audit Risk

Over 50% of professional liability losses arise from CPAs not detecting a misappropriation.  Yes, roughly half of fraud claim arise in an audit engagement, but the other half come from all the other services that you render.  This includes compilation, bookkeeping and tax.  Presented are useful tools to effectively transfer the risk and become much more defendable.

Getting Smart About Selecting Professional Liability Insurance

These policies are far from homogeneous.  Many are fraught with loopholes and offered by terribly inexperienced insurers.  Learn how to best position your practice to an underwriter, know what the policy will and will not do, and about policy compliance.  Here is your chance to hear it from guys that have represented CPAs for over 25 years.

Practice Management Daily Grind

We discuss how to disengage properly, use background checks to reduce risk, integrate key risk transference engagement letter clauses, resolve fee disputes, consider the ins and outs of mediation and arbitration, motivate your practice to recognize and report potential claims, handle subpoenas and many more fun and interesting topics.

Join The Board – Lose Your House

So you thought joining a board was a good idea? You could add value to the community or enterprise. It probably could help meet potential clients.  Well…your right, except professional services your CPA firm renders to the organization are likely not covered.  Also, the D&O insurance the organization carries may not be appropriate.  We define the exposures and help you understand how to better insure the risk.

Program Extras 

Joe and Dan are U.S. Navy veterans.  Dan was a commanding officer of a Navy P3C Orion submarine hunter squadron.  Joe served on various ships including frigates and destroyers.  If you are looking for a high tempo discussion, before or after your professional program, consider adding time for a military brief.

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