Chesapeake Professional Liability Brokers, Inc.

is a Veteran owned and operated business specializing in professional liability insurance placement and loss prevention services for CPAs, lawyers, architects, engineers, investment advisers, and consultants.  We also place Employment Practices Liability, and Directors & Officers insurance.

Ensuring effective risk management allows your practice to focus on its purpose, and by seeking close, interpersonal relationships, CPL Brokers is able to provide you with the development of those individual management solutions.  This often begins with an in-house review of your exposures, careful consideration of how you view your risk, and how to effectively treat it.  We will assist you with building an underwriting package that can be used to approach the insurance market, and provide you with the insurance and risk management options to help you meet your objective. 

CPL Brokers holds a high standard in developing a successful partnership between your practice, your insurer and our firm.  We look for stable insurers and innovative solutions, and are committed to maintaining lasting relationships to defend your practice from the today's exposures.  Ultimately, a firm loss prevention foundation linked with the appropriate insurer is our mutual objective.    

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